Healing after pregnancy loss is a website to help you:

grieve – acknowledging and commemorating your child

connect  – with other mothers who have experienced loss and navigating relationships with your own family and friends after pregnancy loss

heal  – supporting your emotional, physical and spiritual health post loss

Anna Burgess

Founding Editor of Healing after Pregnancy Loss

Hi there! I’m Anna and I’m the Mama to four babies taken too soon.

This photo of me was taken one week after the last time I lost a pregnancy in May 2017. You see me smiling, but you and me both know that that photo does not tell the whole story!

Although I could still find moments of joy in life, I was also sore physically from surgery, and emotionally from the weight of another loss. Like you, I had to put on a brave face for my family and try and embrace my life again. It wasn’t easy and I was desperate at times for someone to grab hold of my hand and guide me through it rather than just point me to the odd signpost I saw on the way.

That’s why I have created this site – for you, dear Mama (yes, no matter what society says, you became one!), to help navigate the strong emotions, the surprising feelings and the complex network of daily relationships after pregnancy loss. 

This site and our Instagram community are meant to be like a faithful friend who will walk with you through your journey – giving tips and encouragements, as well as space to grieve.

Free Self-Care Guide!

Self-care is especially important after pregnancy loss and especially hard to prioritize. It felt like a luxury to me at first but finding life-giving activities gave me hope and glimpses of life in a season that felt like finding treasures in the dark. Please do take care of yourself and give yourself space in this season! If you would like to get your beautiful free guide with 10 self-care ideas after pregnancy loss you can click here now for your copy.


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