Written agreement

This written agreement is to ensure a smooth and happy collaboration between Healing after Pregnancy Loss and you. Please read it carefully and fill in the form below. 


  1. Healing after Pregnancy Loss is the working name of an organization created by Anna Burgess which desires to create a platform and community for individuals and organizations to share about healing after pregnancy loss. 
  2. Any content (article, poem, image or product) that is used by Healing after Pregnancy Loss may be used in part or in whole in Healing after Pregnancy Loss magazine, on healingafterpregnancyloss.com or in Healing after Pregnancy Loss’ other social media platforms, including but not inclusive of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Wherever your words or images are used, Healing after Pregnancy Loss commits to attributing you or your brand to the content.
  3. Healing after Pregnancy Loss requests that you do not submit any chosen submissions to be published elsewhere (on the internet or in another print publication) without expressed written consent – in order to avoid future publication problems for us or others in publication.
  4. We at Healing after Pregnancy Loss have the right to publish or not publish any work submitted to us at our discretion. We also have the right to edit a submission for punctuation, grammar or spelling and to improve readability without distorting the meaning or facts of a submission, and to exclude any sentences or paragraphs deemed superfluous to the submission.
  5. We care about those who share their submissions with us and we will endeavor to do our best to resolve any questions, queries and respond to any requests for publishing consent within 15 working days.
  6. Whilst we will endeavor to share a digital copy of the magazine before publication with contributors and respond to any issues raised, please understand that we cannot guarantee that your requests be met.


  1. You understand that your submission is being offered freely and without monetary compensation. You understand that your submission may be used (in the case of Healing after Pregnancy Loss magazine) in a publication that may or may not sell at profit, but that you are offering your content as a gift to families after Pregnancy Loss.
  2. You understand that whilst we endeavor to give you a voice and share any relevant product or website on our platform, we make no promises about the reach that your content may have.
  3. You consent that you are over 18 years old and that all work submitted to us is your own and that you are not using a false name. You consent that this submission is original and has not been printed elsewhere and that you have the rights to submit for publication.

Please fill in your full name, email and in the message section please write: I CONSENT to confirm that you have read, understand and consent to the terms and conditions above. 

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