Healing after Pregnancy Loss is looking for submissions

Please read the submission criteria carefully and include all the necessary information listed below. 

Please only send submissions that are yours and which have not been published elsewhere, including on your own blog.

The Vision for Healing after Pregnancy Loss Magazine: 

Healing after Pregnancy Loss is a website and upcoming magazine to support women after miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, abortion and molar pregnancy. It was created to serve women of all faiths and none and is a space of support and non-judgment. Submissions from a faith-perspective are welcomed and encouraged but please write them aware that women are on different faith journeys.  Stories which share your personal journey of faith and experience of God after pregnancy loss are helpful and interesting to others, whereas articles which state things as fact, which others may not agree with, can turn people off.

What we are looking for: 

Articles, poems, photos or photos of creative works that relate to your journey of healing after pregnancy loss. Different perspectives are encouraged and submissions are also welcome from friends and family members of a mother who has experienced pregnancy loss.


Story-based articles which share your personal story or an aspect of your story. Articles should be under 1500 words, ideally under 1200. 

The best articles are vulnerable, show rather than tell (e.g. ‘He gave me a big hug’ shows love, whereas ‘He loves me’ doesn’t paint a picture in the reader’s mind) and are focused on one main aspect or slant.

Some examples of slant-based ideas to get you started: 

– Did you start a new hobby or sport after your loss which helped with your journey?

– What did you learn from your pregnancy loss?

– How did your pregnancy loss open you spiritually? Or how did it challenge your faith?

– What helped you come to terms with your loss?

– Who are the people who stepped up and supported you after your loss? 

– What didn’t you anticipate or expect about pregnancy loss?

– Did you have health or mental health issues that came up as a result of your loss? How did you address them after pregnancy loss?

– Is there a book you can review that helped after pregnancy loss?

– What would you say in a letter to a mother who has just experienced loss?

– How did you cope with loss and look after other children at the same time?

– What would you say in a letter to your child?

– What would you have liked your family and friends to know or do after your loss? If you are a friend or family member, what would you have liked the mother to know?


Short poems which can fit on one page or less in 12-font type will be considered for publication. Two columns may be used.


These could be photos of

– an aspect of a ceremony or memorial that you did to remember your child

– A place in nature or an aspect of nature that had meaning to you after a loss

– An activity that helped you heal from pregnancy loss

Please send a short commentary or article to accompany and explain your photo and share how it relates to your pregnancy loss journey.

Photos of creative works:

– Any works of art from drawings, collages, paintings, crafts etc

 These can be abstract or realistic.  Please send a short commentary or story to accompany and explain the piece of artwork and how it relates to your pregnancy loss journey.

Submission criteria:

Please send your articles and poetry in Word or Pages format and photos or artworks in .jpg format to:

Multiple submissions will be considered as long as the submission criteria is met.

Please include your name, email address and your website, if you have one, in the email.

If privacy is a concern for you, please let me know with your submission and your name can be changed for publication. However, for legal reasons, please don’t submit your pieces under a false name.

We expect to receive articles which have been proofread. It is helpful to get someone else to read over your submission for you to spot any grammar and spelling mistakes you may have missed. 

You are welcome to suggest a title for your piece, but it may be changed by the editor. Please write ‘Title to be decided’ if you don’t have a suggested title.

Final things:

The editor reserves the right to edit any article for readability without changing the details of the article.  Accepted authors can request a copy for approval before the magazine goes to press once an article or piece has been accepted. Once your article has been accepted we request that you do not submit it anywhere else or publish it anywhere else, including your own blog without consulting us first. This is to avoid publication problems.  Thank you!

Please click here for the agreement form of the terms and conditions for those whose content submissions are accepted. Please note this does not need to be filled in until your submission has been accepted.

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